It Starts With You

Parents! We are the most powerful force in influencing our child's life. This is especially true when it comes to teaching them to eat healthy. Young children, even very young children, look to their parents to model behaviours in pretty much every way. Telling your children what to eat or that they should go out and play isn’t enough. We must also show them. We do this by adopting a healthy lifestyle ourselves and cultivating it throughout our families. This means cooking and eating healthy goes for everyone in the house, including you! When children see their parents enjoying fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins as mainstays, they quickly understand that this is the way one should eat. If they see you enjoying nutritious foods regularly, this will become the right kind of normal for them.

This applies for physical activity as well. Instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV, get out and play with your children or schedule regular family walks together. If you decide to take on a fitness routine, show them that it is important to you by applying yourself and staying committed. Remember, it’s not about a diet or a temporary fix. This is about building long-term healthy lifestyle choices that become ingrained in our kids. That’s how we ensure that we are building healthy kids for life.

The Greatest Tool at Your Disposal is Food

Good nutrition is crucial for any child. The choices you make in the kitchen and grocery store hold profound potential to impact your child's health. Eating a healthy, nutritious diet optimizes the brain and impacts our children's ability to learn, grow and thrive. But family nutrition is a hard road to navigate. With busy schedules and conflicting information, it can be challenging to know where to start.


Your Partner in Raising Healthy Kids

I am incredibly passionate about healthy eating, especially where children are concerned and I'm here to guide you through the clutter. Make the transition easier by working with me to build workable strategies one step at a time to help you and your family establish optimal eating habits together.

What's the Food4Kids2Focus Plan?

We will meet together and start with a consultation so that I can learn more about your child. You will be given a Nutritional Symptomatology Assessment to complete before our first appointment. This is a questionnaire to be filled out by you for your child that will help to uncover deficiencies and/or imbalances connected to your child's symptoms. This assessment determines which body systems are in most need of attention (i.e.: digestive, intestinal, nervous system, etc.) and, in turn, what nutritional deficiencies will need to be addressed to help your child.

Until the nutritional deficiencies are removed, your child's body and mind simply won't function optimally. Therefore, we would incorporate specific foods and workable strategies for rounding out your child's diet to devise the most appropriate health regimen.

The following options will provide you with the resources and care your child deserves to learn, grow and thrive.

Food4Kids2Focus - Basic Consultation - $150


  • An in-depth Nutritional Symptomatology Assessment and 1-hour consultation based in holistic nutrition
  • Basic summary of and general guidelines on increasing the nutritional density of your child's diet along with any supplement and lifestyle recommendations for optimal health


* Add on a 3-day framework meal plan for $200 (not otherwise included)
* Add on a 45-minute maintenance session for $75 (not otherwise included) as required.

Food4Kids2Focus - 3 Consult Package + Meal Plan for Kids - $475


  • An in-depth Nutritional Symptomatology Assessment and 1-hour consultation based in holistic nutrition
  • Workable strategies to help increase the nutritional density of your child's diet along with any supplement and lifestyle recommendations for optimal health
  • 2 follow-up sessions to address any barriers, monitor progress, talk through strategies and make any changes if needed
  • Development of a personalized 3-day framework eating/meal plan along with recipe ideas. This nutritional plan will act as a "road map", indicating exactly which natural foods your child should consume in order to orchestrate the biochemical changes needed for optimal focus.

* Add on additional 45-minute maintenance sessions for $75 each as required.

Health Coverage:  Many "flex plans" or "Health and Wellness Spending Accounts" allow members to allocate their health insurance funds towards complimentary health services. Some private or extended health care plans may cover one-on-one nutrition services that fall under holistic health. Please check with your insurance company to see if your plan extends coverage to nutritional counselling services from a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant. If you do not have third-party coverage, your receipts may be used as a tax deduction from medical expenses.