Kind Words

I will start by saying 5☆ isn't enough....Ivana deserves 100☆!!


I have struggled all my life to get a handle on weight issues. Following the Metabolic Balance Program with Ivana's expert help and guidance, has been my solution. She has helped me to understand how each individual body is different, how our bodies process foods, and the adverse affect some foods can have. Although we think we lead healthy lives and are eating right, it isn't always just that simple. Understanding these elements makes it easier when grocery shopping, preparing meals and eating out.

In 7 months, I lost 12kg, during that time went on overseas holidays and was still able to easily follow my new life meal plan and continue to lose weight. It is all thanks to Ivana, her willingness and eagerness to help people with a plan specifically designed for their individuality, her patience in answering questions no matter how small, and her positive attitude.

~ Maria C.

"After reading about Ivana’s work with holistic nutrition, we decided to contact her for help with the diet of our teenage son, who has some medical issues. Ivana, right away, contacted us to discuss our concerns and completed a thorough history of his lifestyle and nutritional habits.   Based on this, Ivana was able to determine our child’s deficiencies.  She explained how we are all biochemically different and created a customized plan to help meet his needs. Ivana not only produced a plan but took the time to explain each part, in detail. Ivana gave us a ton of useful information that we could use right away and for the long term.

One thing we noticed right away is her enthusiasm for her job. Ivana’s passion for helping others live a healthier life is contagious. Altering the way you eat can seem like a massive undertaking but Ivana made it easy with simple changes that have had a positive impact. Not only has our son felt the benefits of eating healthier but he is now learning to understand the important connections between nutrition and the performance of his body. We are very grateful to Ivana for all her help and continued support."

~ Andrea + Todd Smith

"We were looking for a nutritional consultant who would be able to provide suggestions on best foods for our young family's specific needs. Ivana was incredibly thorough, considerate and provided insightful information, which we have already begun to implement in our daily lives. Choosing to eat what is best for optimal wellness can be a daunting task, and having Ivana in our court has made the transition so much smoother than when we'd attempted to implement these changes on our own. I look forward to meeting with Ivana to discuss meal planning, and further organize our health needs. Thank you for everything!!"

~ Meaghan Lim


"Ivana offers support far beyond nutrition. She is compassionate, patient, and encouraging. This is not a cookie-cutter approach to nutrition. She carefully evaluates your particular lifestyle, and food choices with amazing resources and comes up with a plan that works for you. Ivana has inspired me to incorporate healthy foods while maintaining sustainable habits. I feel energized, rejuvenated and SO grateful for everything I have learned from my work with her."

- Eugene T.

When I think back through my 20’s and early 30’s, I can’t ever remember feeling good. At 22, I was diagnosed with a depression and anxiety disorder. Then, at 33, after going through a period of high stress and big life changes, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.I needed a pill to wake up, a pill to keep me calm, a pill to maintain my heart and a pill to go to sleep. Coffee became a food group and I was a raging sugar addict. My stomach hurt, I was bloated after every meal and I knew there was something off with how I was digesting my food. I felt awful every single day. I had put on about 30 pounds from all the medication and unhealthy food choices I was making. My body was heavy and my joints hurt. I was sleeping no more than 3-4 hours consecutively a night. Tired had become an automatic response to how I was doing.

It still took me until I was 36 to get serious about my health. However, my blood pressure remained high despite medication, eliminating birth control, adding exercise and trying to make better food choices. At 38, I started slipping back into old habits and that familiar tired, moody, depressed, anxious feeling had come back.

It was around the same time that I came across Ivana’s social media posts and discovered that she was certified in Holistic Nutrition. I became more curious about her services and about how she can help me. When we got together to discuss my health concerns, I decided to commit to the Metabolic Balance® nutrition program.

Today, I’m beyond excited about all the changes and improvements I’ve gone through. To date, my sleep has improved significantly; I no longer need blood pressure medication and my anxiety has decreased to a place where it almost no longer exists. I’m not sure that I was ever depressed; I just wasn’t fuelling my body with the right food choices. My focus and concentration has improved and my stomach pain, bloating and digestive issues have disappeared. The added bonus of this new lifestyle plan was that I lost 12 pounds.

My favourite part about the Metabolic Balance® program is that it is simple, sustainable and supported. It’s a detailed and personalized plan that has helped me form better lifestyle and eating habits that I will utilize for the rest of my life.

Working with Ivana was one of the best investments I’ve made for myself. She has been available and thorough every step of the way. It was a positive experience and I feel great!

- Natasha L.