Knock-Off Cuban Lunch Chocolatey Treats

Do you remember the chocolate bar called Cuban Lunch from the late 80's?

Cuban Lunch was a chocolate bar manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Paulin Chambers and possibly later by McCormick.

Apparently, they were discontinued because there was a preservative used in them that was no longer allowed in Canada.  Yikes!

When chatting about the "good ole days" with my husband and a few friends, we distinctly recalled a chocolate and peanut butter flavour with peanuts, and coconut. They were so rich and smooth, you just wanted more!

So, i got to work and experimented in my kitchen. I wanted to make an indulgent crunchy raw chocolate treat similar (but not the same) as the old Cuban Lunch bar. I was excited to come up with a "healthified" recipe version that came close. One bite into this chocolatey square and all the memories came flooding back.