Granola Fruit Pizza

Celebrate all the fresh fruits of summer with this colorful and delicious Granola Fruit Pizza.

This is the perfect end to a summer meal among family/friends!

The first step is to make the granola base crust. I used a 9" springform cake pan lined with a circular piece of parchment paper so that the granola would not stick. 

The oat flour ingredient in the crust can easily be made by pulsing rolled oats in a food processor. Easy peasy!

All of the toppings can be prepared while the granola base crust cooks, or you can make it ahead of time. Just be sure to let it cool before you add the yogurt and toppings of choice.

Leave about 2cm from the edge of the base so that the crust would still be visible, then begin decorating from the center outwards. 

This can also be made for breakfast, brunch or a healthy snack. Top with whatever selection of fruit your heart desires!