Greek-Inspired Turkey Dill + Feta Burgers

Burgers can be a healthy choice, especially when made at home – a place where you can control the quality, quantity and variety of ingredients that goes into them.

They are not that hard to make and you don’t really need any special gadget or tool to form the patties. In the photos below, I’m showing you my secret trick using the top of a cup to get them in the right shape and size. 


The other option is using one of my favorite products for shaping and storing burgers and patties. It's the Shape + Store which you can buy online here: at


I use the Shape + Store containers to  cut, shape, protect against freezer burn and make the burgers easy to remove later - all in one step!

Here’s one of my favourite Greek-inspired homemade burger recipes — Turkey Burgers With Feta and Dill.

These patties are enough to satisfy your fiercest burger craving -- with less guilt.