Jicama Fries

Have you ever had jicama or Mexican yam? Jicama is a non-starchy root vegetable (pronounced hee-cama) commonly used in Mexico and Southeast Asia. It has a very similar texture to a turnip with a taste closer to an apple,

It is actually from the legume family and grows on vines. It’s high in fiber, 90% water, a good source of vitamin C and potassium. 

Some of the health benefits of jicama include its ability to help you manage your weight, optimize your digestion, boost your immune system, prevent various types of cancer, increase your energy levels, help manage diabetes, build strong bones, increase circulation, lowers blood pressure, and boosts brain function.

I normally eat jicama raw but this time I wanted to make oven-baked jicama fries instead.

These are delicious served with guacamole. They will be a hit with the whole family!