Chia Morning Magic

Many clients tell me that their breakfast seems to slip through the cracks when it comes to their morning routine. If they do eat breakfast, they tend to reach for the conventional, boxed cereal that is laden with starchy, processed carbohydrates.

I get it though! You’re buzzing around trying to get ready for your day and to work on time — and if you are a parent, you have a thousand other things to do, as well! 

It can be quite difficult to fit in a healthy breakfast in the morning.  But, starting off your day with a quick, healthy alternative is absolutely possible. I’m going to share one of my favorite quick, healthy breakfasts with you that you can make the night before.

Enter the Magic Mason Jar Morning Breakfast. This homemade morning cereal ritual is delicious, filling and best of all: portable. Mason jars were probably one of the best investments I made for my kitchen. They cost less than a dollar per jar and can be used as glasses, food storage or in lieu of Ziplock baggies for snacks to take with you on the go.

And trust me, this is an easy breakfast with the added benefit of protein, fiber and omega 3 brain-fuelling fats that is super delicious and super easy to make! Make it the night before!  I promise it's worth the effort!