Simple Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas

It’s Taco Tuesday, and, really, what are fajitas if not tacos with attitude!

In this recipe for Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas, I've baked and broiled an entire meal on one sheet pan. This makes cooking and cleanup easier than ever!

Perfect for those family meals when you need ridiculously fast prep and insanely quick clean up. 

Fajitas can be made with just about anything, shredded beef, chicken prepared how you like, seafood of any kind or even vegetarian.  The one common denominator to all of these different fajitas is the seasoning.

But wait, did I hear you say that you still purchase those seasoning packets?? Why when making your own seasoning blends are simple; you’ve probably got the ingredients in your cupboard, AND  you’ll know what’s in it, no preservatives, no artificial this or that.

So much delicious flavour and a healthy meal that you are going to love!