Cold + Flu Turmeric Tonic

I've been hearing a lot of you have been struggling with this lingering cold/flu. You may not realize it but relief from the common cold may be as close as your kitchen where simple everyday foods, herbs and spices can help. 

I made a "house call" the other day and put together this little concentrated elixir for a friend who wasn't feeling well and now I'm sharing the recipe with you. This is truly the ultimate cold and flu tonic! It's a serious drink with simple ingredients including turmeric root, ginger, orange, lemon and a pinch of cayenne.

Turmeric contains valuable nutrients like manganese, iron, potassium, fiber and vitamin B6. Turmeric's active ingredient curcumin is one of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs to keep inflammation down and the immune system healthy. Drink a one ounce shot of the concentrate every 2-3 hours with a healthy dose of rest and you will be better in no time!

Place all ingredients in your juicer or high-speed blender:

1/4 cup fresh ginger root (or 1 tbsp dried),
1/4 cup fresh turmeric root (or 1 tbsp dried),
1 peeled orange,
1 peeled lemon
Pinch of cayenne
Pinch of black pepper.

Did you know: Adding black pepper to turmeric or turmeric-spiced food enhances curcumin’s bioavailability by 1,000 times, due to black pepper’s hot property called piperine.

If you can't take the powerful one ounce shot, dilute the concentrate in hot water with a dollop of raw honey and a little coconut oil and sip like a tea.

P.S. - If you make this recipe (or any others I've shared), make sure to snap a pic and share it on Instagram using hashtag #ivanalockenutrition.

Get well soon!