Refreshing Watermelon Salad

We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial to our health — but do you know that eating foods that are in season add an extra benefit?  Seasonal fruits and vegetables are a healthier option for us due to nature’s design -- the Earth sprouts with foods each season that our bodies need at those specific times. 

For example, watermelon is prominent in the summertime.  It has a high water content and helps to balance the loss of water from our bodies in the hot summer heat. 

Now I know that watermelon is not exactly a conventional salad ingredient, however, this refreshing watermelon salad recipe that I am about to share is so savoury and amazing, you have to give it a try!

This salad is great to cool you down when the temperature starts rising. It’s also perfect during grill season, when it’s either meat or more meat, this is a nice accompaniment to balance your meal.

The sweet and juicy watermelon is a contrast to the salty feta, together with the pumpkin seeds and other tasty ingredients, this somehow goes very well together.

If you let the salad sit a little before eating, the natural juice from the watermelon combined with the olive oil is almost like a natural dressing for the salad. So yum!

It’s incredible that nature knows exactly what we need at different seasons, but it’s also important that we listen. 

Aside from the obvious health benefits of eating fresh fruits and veggies that are in season, we get the benefit of feeling vibrant, light and enjoy glowing skin.  These foods are naturally low in fat and high in fiber, helping you get closer to your health goals and finally making them stick. 

So, enjoy the freedom of indulging in seasonal fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. 

More delicious food, at just the right time for our bodies is a win-win.