Zucchetti with Creamy Avocado Pesto

This is my new favorite spring/summer dish.  It's so easy to prepare and incredibly good for you.

Every ingredient in this dish has major health benefits that will keep you looking and feeling so good!

It is packed with heart-healthy fats and has a creamy sauce thanks to avocado instead of heavy cream. It uses spiralized zucchini spaghetti noodles (zucchetti) instead of pasta to provide a bright, flavorful, lower carb pasta dish. It even contains a good amount of protein, and you can add extra protein if you wish. It tastes so divine!

I recommend using a vegetable spiralizer like this one to make the zucchetti or zucchini noodles in a snap.  You can find one at most kitchen stores for just a few dollars. I use mine all the time to shred carrots and other veggies for salads, and, of course, to make zucchini noodles.

Wash the zucchini noodles well. Trim the ends and keep the skin on for extra fibre.

For the pesto sauce, you can toast the pine nuts if you wanted for a more intensified flavor. Just place them in a small saute pan over medium-low heat for about 5 minutes until fragrant. Watch them closely as they toast or they will burn quickly as the contain a ton of healthy fat. Wait until they cool before adding them to your food processor.

Add a sprinkle of hemp seeds, chickpeas, shrimp, chicken, for added protein to make this a full meal.

Make the recipe like so: